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Why Having A Dumpster Helps You Clear Clutter Fast

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If you're in a situation where you need to get rid of junk from your yard and house fast, you might be overwhelmed at how to go about the process. If you're facing a fine from your city or action from your HOA if you don't clean up your property, you can't afford to miss the deadline to get rid of your clutter.

In this situation, renting a dumpster is probably a good idea. Here are some things to know about renting a dumpster and how to use it to clear out your property.

Understand The Rental Terms

You can probably get a dumpster delivered in just a few days from your initial call. This allows you to start clearing your property as soon as possible. One detail you want to work out is how long you'll keep the dumpster. Some companies may rent by the week or longer, so if you can only keep a dumpster for a weekend or few days because of HOA regulations, be sure the company will pick up the dumpster when you need it gone.

Don't Put Prohibited Items In A Rented Dumpster

Another thing you want to clarify is what you can put in the dumpster. If you have a mix of household trash and clutter, you want to make sure this waste can all go in the same dumpster. You may need to separate things like construction debris and yard waste from household clutter. Some things, such as paint and electronic equipment, may not be allowed in the dumpster.

Make Fast Progress

Some dumpster services recycle items and others take everything to the dump. however, you may not have the luxury of examining every piece of clutter you have. Having a dumpster in your front yard makes it easy to load things in a wheelbarrow and toss them in the dumpster so you can let the dumpster service deal with your junk and you can make progress fast.

You won't have to spend a lot of time deciding if something could be recycled and you won't have to pack things in bags or boxes. Throwing things in a dumpster is a quick way to get rid of clutter and junk.

Don't Overfill The Dumpster

You might get so wrapped up in clearing out your house that you're ready to throw out big furniture and other items you no longer want. While it's good to get rid of things you don't need, there are limits to how much you can put in a dumpster. The dumpster service will likely require all your belongings to be completely inside the dumpster so nothing falls out while in transport.

Weight might also be an issue if you need to get rid of a bunch of concrete pavers or other heavy items. If you'll dispose of heavy things, let the dumpster service know so they can help you choose the right size dumpster to rent. Contact a dumpster service for more information.