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Why Landlords Rent Dumpsters

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There are a lot of different ways in which dumpsters can be used. They can be used permanently by businesses who always need them, and they can be used on a temporary basis for things that someone may need to do once that leaves them needing a place to throw a lot of stuff away. For example, if someone has let the junk collect in their yard for too long, then they may need to rent a dumpster when the time comes to finally clean things up. As far as landlords go, there are a lot of different ways in which a landlord may use a dumpster service, and here are a few examples of what some of those ways would be.

Long term rental for apartments

If you manage apartments, then you'll need to rent dumpsters on a long-term basis, so your tenants can throw away their trash. Keep in mind, you may need to rent more than one dumpster if you manage large apartment communities. You may want to ask the disposal company how many dumpsters they would suggest you use for an apartment that is the size of yours. They will be the best ones to answer this question because they will already rent to other apartment communities, so they know what they provide those communities with and your dumpster needs should be about the same.

Rental for clean-up days

Some apartments that are huge will have annual clean up days where they ask for the tenants to do spring cleaning and to also help pick up any of the trash they find around the apartment community. When an apartment complex has this type of event, they will rent dumpsters that give everyone a place to dispose of all the things they want to get out of their apartment, as well as the trash they pick up from around the apartment community.

Vacant unit clean-outs

When people move out of an apartment, they will often leave things behind. The things they leave behind can include a lot of trash, as well as other things such as furniture and appliances that aren't in good condition and should just be thrown away. Also, there may be things that need to be done in the apartment that will cause some large materials to need to be thrown away, such as carpeting, padding, etc. Landlords usually rent a dumpster to use for the apartment clean-outs after someone moves out.